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Hockey Development

Caroline has extensive experience in coaching ice hockey. Caroline has organized, worked and run several hockey camps and skill sessions across the country. The Camp de Perfectionnement Caroline Ouellette has been held in Quebec and in New Brunswick.

During the 2012-2013 season, Caroline was an assistant coach at Concordia University in the CIS. Caroline won a silver medal at the under 18 IIHF World Championshipas as an assistant coach with the National Women’s under 18 hockey team in 2009. She was an assistant coach at the University of Minnesota Duluth from 2006 to 2008, winning the NCAA National title in 2008.

You can book Caroline for a team practice or an individual skill session.


Motivational Speaking

Caroline has experience as a motivational speaker from her involvements with the RBC Olympian program, the Québec Breast Cancer Foundation, the NGO Right to Play and 60 million Girls, and the Québec ‘’Jouez Gagnant’’ school program.

Caroline draws on her accomplishments as a member of the 2002-2006-2010 gold-medal winning Canadian Women’s Olympic Hockey Teams. Caroline’s conference is build on the themes Believe-Fight-Win.

Caroline explores the topics of perseverance, pursuit of excellence, leadership, teamwork, dealing with expectations, goal setting, and time management.
Her presentation includes motivational videos and pictures of her journey from her beginnings in hockey to the Olympic Games.

She has extensive experience speaking in the corporate world and in academic institutions in French and English.

Caroline is a passionate speaker that will strive to inspire, motivate and leave a lasting impression on your audience!

Caroline’s past speaking engagements include:

  • RBC
  • Gatorade
  • Pepsi
  • CBC
  • Voltigeurs de Drummondville Hockey LHJMQ
  • Vert et Or University Football
  • NCAA Frozen Four Women’s Hockey Championship


Testimonials on Caroline’s Conferences:

Allo Caroline! 
Ça a été un grand honneur pour moi de te rencontrer hier. Reste comme tu es : humble, honnête, enthousiaste et aussi, respectueuse; de belles qualités qui font de toi une personne qui dégage beaucoup de charisme. Et c’est très rare à ton «jeune âge»! Crois-moi; à mon «jeune âge avancé», j’en ai rencontré des gens! Je te souhaite la meilleure des chances pour la sélection olympique; profites-en au max! Tu as vécu des moments fantastiques et, le plus beau dans tout cela, c’est qu’il t’en reste à venir; c’est super et pleinement mérité!
Lâches-pas tes présentations, t’es un modèle de vie «à copier»!!
Bonne chance encore!

- Patrice Carle, Agronome, Directeur général

Je tiens a vous remercier pour avoir permis que Caroline Ouellette participe a l’activité du hockey féminin se fin de semaine. 
Ce fut une très grande réussite et tout le monde a apprécié la compagnie de cette Athlètes formidable et très agréable.
Merci encore sans vous l’activité n’aurais pas été un si grand succès

- Caroline Tremblay CA

Dear Caro,

Let me tell you about some of the comments we received about last night:
- An inspiring story of determination and strength
- The best conference ever
- So nice to hear a young woman not afraid of calling herself a feminist
- Parents rethinking how they look at their children’s choices in sports and other activities

You certainly had an impact in developing new fans of women’s hockey. And, I think as importantly, your story provided a closer to home perspective of what gender discrimination feels like. We’ve had many speakers from the field talk about what they live with on a daily basis – and you know how very difficult life is for women around the world. But you were able to remind people what discrimination feels like here, now and within what should be an ‘’enlightened’’ society which enshrines gender equality. I think it was a very powerful message for our audience and can make them better understand and empathize with women’s issues of violence and discrimination elsewhere without feeling that such things only happen ‘’over there’’.

People were inspired by your self-confidence and strength in the face of adversity, not to mention the unbelievable challenges of being an Olympic athlete. And the audience loved to hear of your passion for your sport and your life. And you did all this eloquently and with true depth of feeling – that’s how you touch people’s hearts.

Caro You are a generous and kind soul. You are focused, intelligent and even though you have accomplished so much for which you can be proud, it is always presented in a gentle yet self-confident way. Marie-José Turcotte was telling Ariane that she has no doubt whatsoever that you have a great career still ahead of you with all your qualities and talents ( I agree!!). She also told Ariane what a revelation it was to her to find out the depth of your perspectives and ideas.

I’m so happy that Sarah Stern suggested you to us as a conference speaker. It could not have worked out better.

Thank you so much too for taking one of your precious days off to support girls!!

All my best to you in Calgary!

- Wanda Bedard, President, 60 million girls Foundation

Francois et toute l’équipe des Rebelles de Laval!!
Je voulais simplement prendre quelques minutes pour te remercier sincèrement de ta présence ce soir ! Ce fut une superbe soirée en ta présence et je ne me souviens pas d’avoir vu les filles aussi enthousiames que ce soir…Bravo!

Tes drills, tes expliquations, ta gentillesse et ta passion ont fait de cette pratique un grand succès!
Tu es un modèle pour toutes ces filles et pour nous les coachs 
Bonne chance avec les Stars et nous irons te voir jouer bientôt. J’amenerai cette fois d’autres coachs et leurs filles !

- François Leclerc, Head Coach, Rebelles de Laval

Dear Caroline,
 Thank you so very much for joining us last Thursday. I hope you felt welcome and among friends
. Your presentation was riveting, and inspiring. You are so very lucky that you have discovered not one, but two great passions in life and have been able to experience them at such an extra-ordinary level.
Thank you for your compassion and your passion. Together so much is possible.

- David Masse, 
CBC, Senior Director

Caroline, ….I can’t watch hockey now without thinking of you….hope all is well…I can’t thank you enough for the amazing talk you gave to my agents….the comments from everyone could not have been more positive…..don’t change anything ! You’re delivery was perfect and many said exactly that…”honest, sincere and from the heart”…we are all very proud of your accomplishments as well as your team mates and we were all honored that we had a chance to meet you…( I brag to everyone that I’m on a first name basis with one of the best hockey players in the world…! ) Thanks again for everything and score lots of goals…ha,ha !
Your no. 1 Fan, 

- David A. Mellor, President, Royal Lepage Heritage

… I would like to pass along how wonderful I thought Caroline was at the Hello Goodbye Seminar in Kanata in January with the Greater Ottawa Builders Association. She was very well spoken, very humble – talking about her teammates and not just about herself and yet told us so much about her training that we felt we were right there with her training for the Olympics. The video she showed us was also fantastic. She was so gracious and signed autographs after the seminar and let us take many pictures of us with her. The feeling we left with was so wonderful that I’m still feeling good about hearing her speak. Speaking about her parents also made us all so proud of her. To be able to have gone to the University of Minnesota, Duluth and not be able to speak English – her language skills are wonderful. I could go on and on but I just had to let you know what a valuable asset she is to the RBC Olympians. I know she will go on to many great things in her career - Winning her 4th Gold Medal would be very special.
Thank you so much for sending her to us.

I wanted to thank you again for coming and speaking at the Hello Goodbye Seminar in Kanata in Jan. You were and are terrific. You have the loveliest personality and are so humble and gracious. I cannot think of enough good words to say about you and I wanted you to know I still have a wonderful feeling about you, the Olympics and family after hearing you speak. Everything you did that day was fantastic and don’t change a thing about yourself because I feel you are perfect just the way you are. I will be watching when you go for you 4th Gold Medal.
Thank you again.
Mary White
P.S. I will treasure our picture with you and your autograph forever.


- Mary White, Sales Assistant, Holitzner Homes

Les membres ont adoré la conférence, elle a eu droit a plusieurs applaudissements ainsi que des « Standing ovation » durant sa présentation, j’ai eu nombreux compliments sur Caroline après la soirée. Elle est vraiment extraordinaire, elle sait comment transmettre sa passion, sa détermination et son travail qu’équipe. Elle est très accessible, émouvante, généreuse. Les membres de la chambre de commerce m’ont dit c’est la meilleure conférence à laquelle ils avaient assisté. Bravo encore une fois!!!!

- Maïté Larocque, Première Directrice de Comptes, Succursale St-Constant, RBC Banque Royale

En octobre 2010 Caroline a participé à deux de nos très gros événements, soit le Petit déjeuner de sensibilisation et La Course à la vie CIBC. Le Petit-déjeuner de sensibilisation est une activité d’éducation et de sensibilisation qui regroupe près de 1 000 étudiants de cinquième secondaire d’écoles du Grand Montréal. Pour cette 14e édition, Mme Caroline Ouellette était notre conférencière invitée et elle a livré aux jeunes un message à la fois éducatif et touchant. Elle a sensibilisé les jeunes à l’importance d’aller au bout de leurs rêves, de viser l’excellence et de prendre de bonnes décisions dans tous les aspects de leur vie. Elle s’est présentée à la Fondation pour des réunions de préparation, afin d’ajuster son discours à nos objectifs et à nos besoins. Plusieurs appels et courriels ont également été nécessaires à la réalisation de ce projet, car elle visait la perfection. Mme Ouellette a été, sans l’ombre d’un doute, à la hauteur de nos expectatives. Elle a su inspirer les jeunes et, son implication tout autant que son dévouement, ont été au cœur du succès de cet événement. Sa présentation était d’une grande qualité. Elle a charmé tout le monde par sa disponibilité en rencontrant les étudiants à la fin de sa présentation et en se prêtant à une longue séance photo avec eux. Elle a même eu la générosité d’apporter ses médailles olympiques afin de leur permettre de les voir et les toucher.

- Suzanne LeBreux, Directrice générale – Fondation Québécoise Du Cancer du Sein